Current Weather Conditions at Unmanned Aircraft Flight Station

As of: 04/24/19 3:46p

Temperature: 62.1F Dewpoint: 55.9F
Humidity: 80% Wind Chill: 62.1F
Wind: NW at 2.0 mph THW Index: 62.3F
Barometer: 29.837 in and Falling Rapidly Heat Index: 62.3F
Today's Rain: 0.00 in Monthly Rain: 2.42 in
Storm Total: 0.00 in Yearly Rain: 52.33 in
Current Rain Rate: 0.00 in/hr
High for the Day: 62.3F at 2:45p High for the Month: 88.1F
Low for the Day: 54.9F at 6:29a Low for the Month: 36.8F
Solar radiation: 202 W/m UV Index: 1.5 index
High for the Day: 577 W/m at 2:10p High for the Day: 4.2 index at 2:09p
10 Minute Average Wind Speed: 2.0 mph High Wind Speed: 11.0 mph at 6:44a

Sunrise: 6:43a     Sunset: 8:09p

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